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Literally our favourites from a range of different styles. You can pick this based on your vibe, whim, intrigue. Sometimes mixing it up is the best thing you can do. Dive in. 

Saranta Grenache Petillant Naturel 2021 

Two new winemakers having a play with one tonne of Grenache they purchased. And wow, the things you can do when you don't have a lot of fruit! So much care. The fruit was organically grown from Shay’s Flat Vineyard in the Pyrenees. Victoria. It's lifted with white peaches and acacia honey, then rewards on the palate with a leesy, grapefruit twang. Mmmmm. 

Bouchon "Pais Salvaje" Bianco 2020

A rare Pais grape variety by Bouchon from Maule in Chile. Normally they're red! These wild vines grow up and atom into local trees and forests, which means some of the harvest takes place on extension ladders. The wine made au naturale. We love it. Wonderful drinking, tea-like, tonic-like in a way, has that hazy texture of unfiltered juices, bright acidity to counter it all and a sense of lemon verbena and white flesh stone fruit too. A herbal character also plays a part. A very juicy, lightly chalky texture here. It’s one of those summery feeling wines with substance.

Harkham's "Aziza" Chardonnay 2020

The ever charming Ritchie Harkham makes a Hunter Valley Chardonnay like no other. His Chardonnay from this vintage is stunning. No additions of any kind. It's flush with preserved lemon, white peach, a trickle of ginger. It is creamy enough to satisfy buttery fiends, and vibrant enough to satisfy lovers of minerality.  This is not your 'old school' Hunter Valley Chardonnay. It has life and vitality alongside the richness that the Hunter is known for.

VHS Wines "The Beast" Marsanne 2020

Dynamic, enigmatic, contemporary, revolutionary. Samuel J. Smith, under the moniker Vinous Heroin Society Wines, epitomises the new frontier of South Australian winemaking, unpicking our centuries-old adherence to the idea that we should make European-style wines. From his inception into the wine industry in 2014, Samuel’s focus has been firmly affixed to procuring exceptional fruit from sustainable vineyards before utilising lo-fi vinification processes as a precursor to hi-fi finishing techniques. His utilisation of Australian Native flora, as infusions, has placed VHS Wines at the forefront of the avant garde. Wildly aromatic, textural tangelo, wildflowers, tropical fruits. A twisty turny bomb of a wine! 

Yetti & the Kokonut "Hipster Juice" 2021

Ah yes. The jokers from Yetti and the Kokonut are back with more flavour packed fun. Notes from them: A blend of muscat, verdejo, Cabernet franc, semillon and savvy B. 'White flowers from the muscat, exotic touches from the verdejo, texture from cab franc, semillon brings freshness to the table and the sav B makes it look absolutely catwalk approved. We’re very proud of this little number and are considering jobs as mixologists'. Sounds good. 

Year Wines Grenache 2020

One of the most popular wines in the shop! Caleigh and Luke are another winemaking love story. The duo fly pretty well under the radar, but their wines are anything but. Focused on strong organic and biodynamic vineyard principles and playful yet minimal winemaking techniques. Made with grapes from Cooter vineyard, planted back in the 1950’s. A mix of ferments and time on skins. Heaps of whole bunch in there. Final mix average is probably 40% whole bunch. 6 weeks on skins for extra tannin and flavour. Medium bodied plushness with wild strawberries and fresh pepper. The acid keeps all of this in tow. Yummmmm!