Millton 'Te Arai' Chenin Blanc

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Millton Winery is the southern hemisphere's oldest biodynamically run winery. They were doing the sustainable thing long before it was cool. after decades of producing wine this way, and no-one paying attention, they decided to release a new range of wines named 'Crazy by Nature' Why crazy you ask? ...well, when they started this winery in 1984, they were told that they must be crazy to attempt to grow their grapes organically! But that's exactly what they did and nowadays, the whole world seems to be following suit. If the name is a tribute to the naysayers, then the finished product is the icing on the cake. making them trailblazers for this particular approach to viticulture. The couple behind the winery, James and Annie Millton, are legends in regenerative agriculture and sustainable winemaking. Their wines are revered the world over. It's crazy that they exist in a little pocket of New Zealand that not many people know about....but that's how they like it, and we're just happy to be able to taste the fruits of their labour! The 'Te Arai' Chenin Blanc is probably Millton's best known wine - it is the calling card for the estate, and is a wine that consistently over-delivers. The balanced expression of yellow apple, dried florals, salt and complex citrus is wonderful, with texture and acidity in perfect tandem.