Surprise Sixes (Old Faithful)

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A step up in the right direction for getting some charming mid-weekers and some cellar options at the same time!  NB: Pack pictured is a sample, wines you receive will differ from picture.

Need some wine? Don't want to think about it too much? Impending picnic? Impending date night? Impending wine drinking event you are trying to be prepared for? 

Here is the selection for you. We will take it off your hands. You know the store, you know it's gonna be good. Some tried and tested reds, a selection of oranges, a bouquet of whites, or if you like all flavours, a mixed pack full of surprises!

Trust our wonderful team at Native Drops to select the finest of wines to tickle your palate. All the service, all the charm, none of the decision making.

Well, except to buy this right now. 

PLEASE NOTE: The pack pictured is not necessarily the pack you will get, just a sample!